How this man kept his faith alive after a tragedy

Life is hard, especially for a dreamer. I had always dreamed of running a karate school. I worked hard, dedicated myself, and one day I did it. Then in 2001 I lost my mother to cancer. I struggled but held on as best I could, until 2007 when the world came crashing down. Economic times caused a virtual melt down of the business and my life. I turned to alcohol and depression set in hard. I almost lost my family, I did major damage to my relationships with my friends and I almost died from the pain.

But then I found out that God had a different plan for me. I began focusing on improving myself. Little did I know I had discovered what the apostle Paul practiced his whole life. The Jewish practice of Middot is living your life in a way that improves the world by improving your self. The goal is to live a life that honors God and produces the fruits of the spirit. I eventually went back to college and earned a doctorate in business and completed seminary school. I am now the Chief Business Officer at a prestigious software firm, a lead pastor at my local church, and founder of NU Life.

My mission is to re imagine how church is delivered to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that connects with people in a technology driven world. Tragedy almost destroyed me. It lead to addiction and a lot of pain. I felt so chained down but God is a chain breaker and it is through Him I have been lifted to a new life. Trust God and He can start you in a new life, you just have to seek Him.

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