Change Is Scary but Necessary

There’s no denying that life is unpredictable and more often than not we’re forced to make a change we didn’t really prepare for or expect. We lose jobs, we lose people, we move to another country or we find ourselves in unfavorable circumstances that we weren’t taught how to handle. These things force you to change something that you weren’t ready to change

Change. What a scary concept; especially when you’re the kind of person who thrives in their comfort zone. Change pressures you to overcome certain fears or insecurities which is something we all dread to do. But the truth is, the only way to embrace life is to embrace change. Sometimes we’re blinded by the reality that change is needed because we’re convinced that knowing something well means it’s right.

We serve a God of change. You can't refuse change in your life and be in line with Jesus Christ at the same time. Jesus was a radical change from the status quo. Once a life with Jesus begins, the former things have passed away. You are no longer held to the the old laws that determined how you could get to heaven. We care about our comfort. God cares about our character.

Brother Jason Owen

Pastor - Old Salem Road MBC

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