Dr. Jason T Owen,DBA, MS, MA

NuLifeMinistry Founding Pastor

God is sovereign and it is no mistake you are here. Please fill out our contact form so we can begin to pray for you every day.

Dr. Jason Owen aka "Dr PopPop" accepted Jesus Christ into his heart when he was 26 years old. Jason grew up in an agnostic home. He had a lot to learn after coming to Christ so he went to work for years studying everything he could. Jason is now in his late 40's and God has lead him to earn Master level black belts in multiple martial arts styles, a Masters Degree in Christian Ministry Leadership, a Masters Degree in Information Systems and a Doctorate in Business Administration. Jason's research is focused on building teams of people based on their talents, skills and spiritual gifts through the presence of the fruits of the Spirit of God. Jason has served in church planting leadership, youth ministry, technology ministry, and as the senior pastor at Old Salem Road MBC in Murray KY.


Post COVID life forced Dr Jason to recognize many of the traditional church methods were not working any longer and it was a tough realization for Jason but clearly a profound one. Jason launched NuLifeMinistry.com as a way to deliver the gospel more effectively in a post COVID world. It is not about the rituals of an organized religion but rather about a mission to equip people for a NuLife with God. Jason has been called by God to work with pastors in multiple churches to fill in and help them take a break on occassion but also to consult them with building staffs that are living a life fulfilled with the existence of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfullness, and self control. Dr. Jason's goal is to help leaders build a staff that is 100% filled with people in roles they are gifted by God to fill and prove to thrive their based on the existence of the fruits of the Spirit.


NuLife Ministry members believe in Jesus Christ and are about real love, real people, real worship, and real life done together even if its online. Many NuLife Members gather at Cherry Corner Baptist Church in Murray KY every Sunday at 10:45 AM. We invite you to join us to start a NuLife with Jesus Christ.

But if you are a pastor or church leader, it is Dr. Jason's depest desire to partner with you to help you and your ministry grow. All for the glory of God's Kingdom.

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