Donna Owen, MS.,MA.

Director of Christian Mental Health

God is sovereign and it is no mistake you are here. Please fill out our contact form so we can begin to pray for you every day.

Donna is a Paducah KY native growing up in a loving Christian home who always found themselves in a local Baptist church every Sunday. In 1994 Donne met her husband Pastor Dr. Jason Owen and has 2 children and 3 grand children.  

Donna holds a BS in Christian Counseling, a Masters Degree in Crisis and Trauma counseling and a 2nd Masters in Pastoral counceling. She is academically trained for marriage, pastoral, life coaching, and childhood trauma mental health.


Mrs. Donna is able to come to your church and offer services by appointment for those in need of mental health services. She is committed to developing the whole person mentally, spiritually, and physically.


Mrs Donna loves God and she loves people and her mission in life is to do all she can to serve those who are serving our churches, particular in leadership roles. 


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